Where's the cable?

When people think about Slingshot bikes they think Sling Power Technology, our one of a kind legendary design. That's great! It's our creation it has been our identity for 30 years. But we're more than a one trick pony. Our passion is bikes, all types. When we dream images of twisty single track and freshly laid asphalt fill our nights and "trail closed" signs haunt our wickedest nightmares.

This obsession with two wheels has led to the creation of our DD series bikes. Who says a Slingshot can't be a true Hard-tail? The word "NO" sounds like a challenge to us. The idea of a corporate "think tank" making strategic designs based on brand image or awareness sickens us like wolfing down gas station burritos on the drive to the trail head.

If it's worth doing, it's worth doing "TIGHT". Class, quality, handcrafted in Michigan, USA. Introducing the new DD-M and DD-M1 29ers. Love at first bike.

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