Frequently asked questions

General Product Questions

Can I replace the fiberglass board myself?
Yes. With our new "dogbone" flex board, if ever needed, you would be able to replace it yourself. The new "dog bone" is self aligning for plug and play.

How long will my order take?
Frames are shipped 1 to 5 days from reciept of order. Complete bike builds may take longer and depend upon availability of component suppliers

How much does it cost for a board replacement on older frames?
We can no longer offer re-fabs on old frames directly through SLINGSHOT. We are working on a partnership with a 3rd party to handle replacements and, we offer a $200 trade-in for any of our new products.

Your bikes look crazy…are they safe?
Yes. Our flexible bike design allows the frame to absorb normal road and trail shock with less stress than a traditonal bike. We test all of our products ourselves during the prototype stage, and then we have them tested in a controlled lab by a third party. All of our frames pass the stringent German DIN Plus testing.

Fold-Tech Bike Questions

How long does it take to fold a Slingshot?
Typically you should be able to fold the bike and have it ready for compact "out of bag" storage like in the trunk of your car – in 3-5 minutes. Folding the bike for "in the case" travel like on an airplane should take 15-20 minutes.

Does folding the Slingshot alter the bikes performance?
No. In fact, you won't even know that it's a folder. We designed the Slingshot Suspension System prior to making the bikes fold and thus did not have to compromise performance for portability.

Is the folded Slingshot within the size limitations for airlines?
No, but we have never been charged nor have any of our customers ever reported having an additional fee. Just tell them you are bringing along exercise equipment.

Who would need a folding Slingshot?
Anyone who travels and would like to take a high performance bike with them, has space limitations, hates renting bikes or is looking for a "Transport – Ready to Race Bike."

What tools are needed to fold a Slingshot?
All you need is a 6mm Allen and a 4 mm socket.

Ripper Questions

What are my paint options?
Black anodized. More colors later in the year.

What length travel fork is the Ripper built for?

Does the Ripper fold?

Farmboy 29" Questions

Do you offer a Farmboy single-speed?
Not at this time. However, we hope to have one available by the Fall of 2007. In the meantime we suggest the White Industries ENO eccentric hub for a clean conversion.

How long have you been making 29" bikes?
We built our first one in 2002 and have one in our line-up ever since.

What length travel fork do I use on the Farmboy?

Does the Farmboy fold?

DD-X Cyclo-Cross Questions

Why does the DD-X have a downtube?
We have been racing cyclo-cross for many years and have grown tired of the U.C.I. frame design standards which outlawed our SPT bikes. We have been building U.C.I. legal frames for our top racers for years, and decided it was time to offer it to the public.

Got more questions? Send us a question and we will post our answer soon.